Since the last few decades it has been observed that Qatar has become one of the most attractive job markets for both national and international workers. The reason for this attraction is that workers in Qatar are paid very lucrative packages as salary for the services they provide there. Almost the same salary is paid to the workers in Qatar as paid in western countries. But it will not be wrong to say that Qatar market is given more priority as compared to the Western markets because of the lack of personal taxation and higher net income. This means that workers in Qatar get more net income due to no or lesser personal taxation as compared to those who work in western countries.

Remuneration in Qatar includes a very basic salary as well as some more additional benefits. Besides the basic salary workers are paid more benefits in the form of indemnity, gratuity, annual leave, sick leave, and pilgrimage leave. In some cases, employers pay remuneration to their employees in the form of one basic pay plus some additional benefits. However, recently most of the employers pay only one salary which includes all the perks and privileges as aforementioned.

The average monthly salary in Qatar is 15,805 QAR per month. The minimum salary is 2139 QAR per month while the maximum salary is 69989 per month. According to a website, fifty percent of the Qatari population earns less than 15,805 QAR per month while the other fifty percent of the population earn more than that amount i.e. 15,805 QAR per month.

As far as salary in Doha; the capital city of Qatar is concerned, the stats are slightly different than that of the country in general.  Workers earn a minimum of 2234 QAR and earn a maximum of 73,086 QAR per month. The average salary in Doha city is 17,000 QAR per month.  These statistics show that salary rate in Doha city is better as compared to the overall salary rate of the country.

If you are looking for some opportunities in Doha, then there is some good news for you. The data from the aforementioned website say that employees working in Doha would see a surge in their salaries for the year 2019. The statistics show that to date, salaries in 2019 are higher by 3% as compared to the salaries paid in 2018. Data shows that this trend will be observed throughout the complete year 2019. It is pertinent to mention here that these numbers vary a little bit from industry to industry. However, in general, Doha is considered a better place to work in, and workers there, are paid well deserving remuneration as per their skills and capabilities.


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