Visiting a museum is always an exciting and quite interesting experience. That being said, the National Museum of Qatar is one of the latest museums in the world. It immediately impresses you with the outstanding visual appeal and architecture. It also hosts some spectacular items as well.

The National Museum of Qatar is created in the form of a desert rose. It spans over 40000 square meters. It is designed by Jean Nouvel. This building is bringing in some astonishing attention to detail. At the same time offering the functionality and features you just don’t see from a building of this size.

What can you find inside the National Museum of Qatar?

The museum was opened on March 28th 2019. It’s designed with the idea of offering you a flowing narrative. You have 11 galleries that you can browse through. As a whole you will have a 1.5-kilometer journey split in 3 different chapters. As the name suggests, you get to see the Qatari history from its beginnings. It takes you to a journey how life in Qatar was and has evolved to. It also takes you to journey of how Qatar was built.

What makes the National Museum of Qatar unique is the fact that it manages to showcase local history and blend futuristic ideas in a single place. Another interesting thing to note is that inside this museum is the restored palace of the Sheikh Abdulah Bin Jassim Al Thani. He is the son of the founder of modern Qatar. His palace was recently restored to make it suitable for the museum.

For many years Qatar has been a very important point in the British trading map. There were numerous forts in the region. The fort of Zubarah is a great example. It’s one of the things showcased in the museum. You will also learn about the importance of pearls and black gold too.

During the 19th century, lots of traders here used to trade in sapphires, diamonds and emeralds. But you will also learn about how the nation struck rich thanks to oil and than natural gas. initial start was in 1939, with gas following shortly after that during the 70s. Note that is the National Museum of Qatar also tries to showcase a possible future for Qatar. They are actively trying to show the importance of those historical moments and locations. while bringing in lots of information about the riches of the country.

Should you visit the National Museum of Qatar?

If you are very passionate about Middle Eastern history and you want to check out something distinctive and unique. It’s interesting because you get to find out lots of information and see a rather amazing representation of old times on Qatar. You can actively see how the country has changed over the years. It goes to show the true difference between old and current times. All while still paying homage to the old school traditions!

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