Qatar is located in eastern Arabia alongside the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Qatar has a land border only with Saudi Arabia.

The capital of the world’s most prosperous country is enlarging at a very high rate. Recently Qatar has drawn its attention in the eyes of the world as it will be hosting the FIFA 2022 World Cup. Due to the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar will inflate with people from all over the world.

The living standard in Qatar is very high. People are feeling safe and satisfied with the efforts of government in the matter of their safety. The large presence of police and guards help Qatar to prohibit crimes from happening. They maintain a secure environment for their people.

Qatar has a low crime rate and is generally a safe country to travel. Despite its being located in Middle East Asia. It is so secure that even if you leave your personal belongings in an unlocked, you will find them untouched.

The capital city does experience minor crimes like theft and pickpocketing, but they are scarce. It is too infrequent to find violent crimes in Qatar.

It is not legal to harass women when you are in the boundaries of Qatar. The word harassment includes everything from staring to starting a conversation. Some good examples of this are staring, catcalling on the street, trying to get your contact number by whispering, or men moving around the block while you are walking.

Safe for children

Qatar is also safe for children, and they cater to most places like malls and public parks. It is so safe that one doesn’t need to keep an eye on them while enjoying their fun activities at malls or public parks.  Some hotels in Doha offer kids entertainment so that parents can have their privacy or hang out with friends.

Road Safety

You are safe in Qatar as long as you are not on the road. Traffic in Doha cannot be compared to that of a developed country. Traffic violations are frequent. The traffic is life-threatening, insane, and nuts. People are smoking, using mobile phones, and even eating while driving their cars. Child and infant seats are scarce lands.

It is effortless to observe drivers holding babies in their laps while driving. Children are standing in the front and back chairs of the car, and sometimes they are even hanging out of windows. Though there is no drunk driving, as alcohol is banned in Qatar.

Still moving around the town, one could easily observe that accidents are prevalent. Driving in the city needs luck and determination to manage numerous near misses. Visitors with prams in Doha have to struggle with significant curbs and uneven surfaces as it is not friendly for pedestrians. Still, almost all public places have secure and substantial parking spaces.

Terrorist Attack None

In recent years, one could easily see a handful of terrorist attacks in the Gulf region (which have occurred at the places where westerners visit), but one cannot find a single one in Qatar. Terrorists are likely to attack crowded places like schools, malls, shopping centers, tourist areas, and religious areas. Still, one does not need to worry while being in Qatar due to its high level of security.

Qatar has a highly trained navy to protect any threat from the sea. Army to defend its border and police for securing the cities. Cameras are installed in the majority of the places, and scrutiny level before entering in Qatar is high.

Summer Heat

Qatar is one of the hottest countries in the world. It is common for temperature to reach 50˚C or above from June to September. and dust storms are very common to occur dealing significant damage to properties. Sometimes they even lead to casualties.

World Risk Report of says that Qatar is one of the least prone countries to sea-level rise, cyclones, floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc.

Qatar has secured 171st position out of 171 countries in the list of nations with the most risk of natural disaster. It was ranked by the United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security.


One doesn’t need to think about safety before traveling to Qatar. It is an extremely safe place to travel even for solo women. Crime rates are meager, and criminals are caught and subjected to punishments on a priority basis. After the FIFA world cup, one would not even think for the second time before traveling to Qatar.


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