Qatar is an Islamic country and Sharia Law is the main source of Legislation as per the constitution of Qatar. There are many things which are allowed in other parts of the world but are forbidden in Qatar. Drinking alcohol is one of them.

Alcohol is prohibited to be consumed while living in Qatar. It is considered a crime in the Law of Sharia to drink Alcohol in Qatar. If someone violates the law in this regard, he or she may face severe consequences.

Qatar is a beautiful country and has a great tourism attraction for tourists. Doha has some very enticing historical and modern tourist sites. Every year millions visit Qatar who has diversified ethnic, religious, cultural and social backgrounds.  According to statistics, Qatar welcomed 2.26 million visitors in 2017.

Qatar has given some relaxation for foreigners allowing them to drink Alcohol in Qatar. In addition, there is also some relaxation for local people who are addicted to drinking Alcohol.

The residents of Qatar are allowed to buy Alcohol from some designated shops and stores on certain terms and conditions. However, still, they are not allowed to drink in public places.

As far as the foreigners are concerned, they are allowed to buy Alcohol from the Qatar Distribution Company. This is the only licensed shop where a foreigner can buy alcohol in Qatar. They have only two shops in the entire country. The Doha branch is lactated at outskirts of the city in a far dusty area.

Qatar Distribution Company has also very strict conditions to be followed while selling alcohol in the country. Generally, they sell to only those who have the permit of residence. Which means that one has to have a work contract in Qatar to buy alcohol. In addition, one has to fulfill other conditions to buy Alcohol; like no objection certificate from the employer; information about monthly income; some advance deposit and a short interview at the company office. Once these conditions are fulfilled, then the person is asked to attest that he or she is not a Muslim. Upon the successful fulfillment of all the aforementioned conditions, a person is allowed to buy and drink Alcohol. However, this permission is also limited to non-public places.

There are also some 4 and 5-star international hotels where people can go and drink Alcohol in Qatar. Which is much easier to get.


Peter · 02/08/2021 at 6:04 pm

I am currently a resident here in Qatar – a UK citizen from Scotland. Alcohol is freely available in many restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. The Friday brunch is a weekly tradition for most expats – free-flow alcohol and food for a set price. Most restaurants have one and they are very popular. Yes Qatar is a muslim country but it a very tolerant and liberal place where you will be made to feel welcome by the locals. The one store which sells alcohol also sells pork items.

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