Doha, situated along the coast of the Persian Gulf, the Capital of Qatar, is one of the most prosperous and safest places to live among the Middle Eastern countries. Doha contributes a considerable part to the entire economy of the country. The primary source of the country’s income comes from the gas and petroleum sectors. Being host the next FIFA World Cup in 2022, Doha will provide a lot of job opportunities. Qatar also has a meager crime rate, so it is safe for foreign people to settle there.

Job Opportunities

Gas and Petroleum

Significant companies like Qatar Petroleum, Chevron International Gas Inc.etc., make Doha one of the hotspots for petrochemical engineers. The average income of an engineer is well over 150,000 QAR. Being in the petrochemical industry is a dangerous job as one will be subjected to a lot of chemicals, underground fumes and heat and risky living conditions.


Teaching and nursing sectors also attract a large number of people into Doha. One has to go through a series of interviews and a probationary period. The average income of a teacher is 5000+ QAR.


Over the years, the nursing sector has also attracted a whole lot of nurses as the hospitals and agencies guarantee them an excellent salary. Home nurses are also in high demand in Doha. The average income of nurses is 4000 QAR.


Drivers of all sorts are coming into Doha in large numbers. Drivers are supposed to keep a tenure with their employers. The average income of drivers is 2200 QAR

Technician, Maintainance

Technicians have a lot of opportunities in Doha. With a lot of openings, a lot of people come into this sector. The average income is 3000 QAR.

Lifestyle and Expenses

Qatar is an entirely tax-free country. Doha is currently ranked at second position for being the costliest place to live in among the Middle Eastern countries. According to the latest statistics, a four-member family has an average monthly expense of 3000$, and a single person has an average expense of 846$ monthly.

The temperature fluctuations in Doha can be very cruel to a newcomer. Temperature can climb up to 130°F in the day and drop to 50°F during the night. People are expected to follow the dress code. Women should wear less revealing clothes. Men also have to wear clothes which cover their full body. Music, parties are supposed to be conducted privately with permission obtained from the superiors.

If anyone is wondering, Doha has a very well-driven education sector. Expats have the option to negotiate their children’s educational needs with their employers. The new scheme passed by the government in collaboration with ILO (International Labour Organisation) gives you the freedom to drop the job or move to another position without the permission of your employer. If you are a person who is willing to sacrifice a few luxuries of life and wishes for a more peaceful and calm living life, Doha is a perfect place to live in.

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