Our world is rapidly transforming into a global village with adaptation and incorporation of new laws and regulations. Some countries of the world – particularly in Europe and North America have focused on the promotion of women’s liberation and rights.

Any educated and civilized person must know that women are unequivocally equal citizens of society. They have equal rights to access quality healthcare, education, and seek employment to play a vital role in the prosperity of the country.

Until recently, most middle-eastern countries would now allow women to drive cars – Saudi Arabia, in particular. The question is “are women allowed to drive in Doha, Qatar?” The simple and straight answer is “Yes, women in Doha, Qatar has the right to drive.”

Not only can women drive but they can also access quality medical care, educational, and employment opportunities. One important thing that we need to understand is the restrictions of Qatari traditions and family values, which are deeply rooted in the local society.

Qatar, today, practices religious and social tolerance. In Doha, there are many Christian facilities, which include an official Catholic Church – as well as hundreds of mosques around the country. Obviously, this has nothing to do with women’s driving but the whole point is about gender equality, social justice, and equal rights.

Both women and men must realize that society in Doha, Qatar is engaging in a constant balance between the country’s traditional and modern values. Contrary to gender stereotypes, recent studies have found that women are better drivers than men.

Two decades ago, in 1999, Qatar was the first Arab country in the Middle East to allow female citizens the right to vote. So, together with their men who were empowered at the same time, women in Qatar made up 45% of the vote.

For the last 15 years, women are also running for the office by participating in local municipal elections. Such political and social power for Qatari women paved the way for gender equality and social improvement in different levels of civilian life. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Qatar quickly realized the potential of women for driving and hence passed the law to allow them for driving.

Recent Qatari laws recognize women as full and equal citizens as well as permits them to equally represent themselves in the law court proceedings. In 2010, the country has appointed the first female judge, which was a great step towards the promotion of equal rights for women.

Women have the responsibility to look after their families. They are equally responsible as men are. The permission to drive cars or any other vehicle in Doha would allow them to carry out household-related activities in the absence of men. For instance, they can take children to schools, to the market, to the playground, to the beach, etc. while their husbands are away for work.

Allowing women to drive in Doha, Qatar has already been appreciated by many countries of the world who believe in equal rights for women. Not only has it improved the country’s image globally but the majority of women in Qatar are showing a sense of gratitude.

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