It has been well said that shopping is a natural sport in Qatar. In fact, shopping must be a sport in a country which is considered one of the richest countries of the world. Since 2004, a construction boom in the country has created numerous opportunities for the people there and contributed a lot towards making Qatar the most attractive place for the tourists.

Every year millions of people visit Qatar and enjoy beautiful scenic natural sites, tourist spots, high-rise buildings, and some man-made islands.  Besides enjoying and seeing the beauty of Doha – Qatar, many visitors come here to shop in the attractive shopping malls of Doha. When someone is visiting Doha for the very first time, chances are there that he/she may not be well aware of the best shopping places in the city. Do not worry! This article will guide you on where or what are the places to shop in Doha.


Alhazm mall has been named recently one of the coolest and most cultured modern malls of the world. Alhazm mall is getting recognition very fast across the globe and has been visited by thousands every month. This mall has shops, boutiques as well as a library of classical Arabic English texts and the underground auction house.

Tower Mall

Tawar Mall is another amazing addition to the shopping places in Doha. This mall is so large that it has 300 shops and restaurants. The most interesting thing about shops and restaurants is that these are debuting in Qatar for the very first time. Most of these shops are dedicated to small businesses who sell local and regional wares. Tawar Mall is also considered the first mall in the country to incorporate a traditional souq.

Mall of Qatar

Mall of Qatar is probably the biggest mall in the city which started functioning in 2016. This mall is a home to round about 500 stores and 100 food outlets. Mall of Qatar is considered to have everything under one roof – from high street brands like H&M to all kinds of high-end labels. One of the greatest features of this mall is the presence of a 19-screen Cineplex that includes 4D projection technologies, a 3D IMAX screen, and seven VIP screens. Mall of Qatar entertains more than 20 million visitors every year.

Gulf Mall

Gulf Mall is considered a symbol of the six nations that make the gulf cooperation council. It is one of the most modern and enthusiastic destinations for all those who are fond of shopping. It has six curves fused into its structural outline that epitomizes the convention and legacy of the nation it speaks about.

Villaggio Mall

Another great addition to the shopping destinations in Doha is the Villaggio Mall. This mall has been listed by Forbes as one of the finest malls in the world. This mall is located in the Aspire Zone in the West end of Doha Villaggio Mall has more than 200 stores where one can find all the international brands that of US, UK and Germany, etc.

In addition to the above mentioned popular shopping malls, there are also some more great malls where one can find anything of his/her choice. These include Doha Festival City, The Gate Mall, The Mall, Landmark Mall, Mirqab Mall, Ezdan Mall, Lagoona Mall, Promod Doha City Center, Dragon Mart, Souq Waqif, etc.

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