5 things to know about Hamad international airport

Talk of luxurious boutique, elegant fine architecture a fitness center for a fancy relaxing moment on the go and you got little grips on your mind of the glory that Hamad international airport has in store for you.

This ultramodern airport which opened its door to operations in 2014 is located in Doha- the Qatar’s capital city and you might need to spare extra hours before taking off to wallow at what appears to be the most luxurious airport in the world.

The aim of opening such a classy airport is the ambition of turning Doha into an aviation hub appealing to all travellers globally. Needless to say the HID has gone beyond impressing and definitely stands apart from rival air hubs. Check-out some of the things you should know about HID.

  1. You can have a free bus tour- Layovers and stopovers wouldn’t be as daunting and boring as usual in HID. You have a tour within a tour if you decide to take advantage of your free time. Qatar airways and Qatar tourism authority collaborate to offer a 3 hours complementary tour within Doha. The tour usually covers four landmarks; breathtaking museum of Islamic art, the Pearl-Qatar which comprises of restaurants galore and shops, and finally the Souq Waqif which contains traditional art, spices and jewels.
  2. Cut your check-in queue curve by using Al Maha services- The services are available to help you fast-track your way through the security check. After checking-in you can proceed to have some relaxing time at the Al Maha lounge with awesome snacks and super-fast Wi-Fi. The best deal, however, is the priority you’ll get while boarding your plane.
  3. Know your airline and the type of ticket you have to find your way easily to the check-in area- If you are flying with Qatar airways, you’ll find it convenient to find your entry via gate 1-3 depending on the type of ticket you hold. If you’re using any other Airline, gate 4 will be the most convenient for you.
  4. Avoid bringing prohibited items onboard- Now, this is a familiar point especially to frequent travellers but you might need to be careful about bringing in alcohol and pork products (among others). This are regarded illegal and will be confiscated with no chance to reclaim them.
  5. You can apply for an E- gate facility- As long as you are a Qatar citizen a legal resident or a citizen to any GCC countries you can use this fast, efficient and effective way to find your way easily through Hamad international airport. You can enroll from the E-Gate enrollment sections located at departures section. Having an E-Gate will help you dodge the notorious long immigration queues.

Did you know that Hamad international airport was among the six airports in the world to be rated 5 stars? I thought you should know. Furthermore it was named as the best airport in the Middle East in 2018.

Hamad international airport is a destination by its own in so much that if you take note of its beauty and take advantage of its tranquility you might need a constant reminder that you’re in an airport.

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