One of the first questions that anyone asks when arriving in a new city is about what to see and do for fun and excitement. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a great attraction, but the good news here is that Doha, Qatar has a little something for everyone. There are simply too many great attractions in Doha to list them all, so we have narrowed it down to just 5, although you should be aware that there are plenty more options. Simply use this list as a starting point for things to do in Doha.

Souq Waqif

Located close to the Doha Airport, Souq Waqif is probably going to be a place that you visit more than once when you visit Doha. What you have here is a bustling location where you have multiple different places to eat and shop. You can literally spend hours visiting all the different vendors and exploring the amazing architecture, while also eating all kinds of different cuisine.


Whether you are looking for a place to walk, jog, or ride your bike, or simply a place to take a leisurely stroll against a stunning backdrop, the Corniche is the place to be. It’s a waterfront promenade that offers up some amazing photo opportunities, both by day and night. If it’s a glorious sunset you are after, get down there in the evening and bask in the glory of nature’s wonder.

Museum of Islamic Art

Perhaps the most popular sightseeing destination in Doha, the Museum of Islamic Art is stunning inside and out. The building itself is an architectural marvel, with the art collection displayed inside collected from across the world over a period of over 1400 years. This is another location that is a must visit in the evening, as the look of the building becomes even more dramatic at night.

Aspire Park

If you are in Doha with children, there is nothing better than a visit to Aspire Park, which just happens to be one of the largest green spaces in the Persian Gulf. There is plenty of space to stretch out and have some fun, plus the park is home to the Torch Tower, which was featured in the 15th Asian Games. It now serves as a hotel and is an amazing sight to behold.

The Pearl

If you want a little glimpse into how the other half lives, you need to pay a visit to The Pearl, which is an artificial island in the West Bay Lagoon region of Doha. The Pearl is home to some high-end shopping and dining, but even if your credit card limit cannot stretch to the prices being charged there, you can still take a leisurely stroll around the beautiful marina, taking in the stunning yachts as you go.

This is just a very small collection of the things to do in Doha, Qatar. There are plenty more besides, so be sure to get out there and do some exploring.

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