Doha is the capital city to Qatar, it is the most populated city in Qatar. It is located in the eastern part of the country on the coast of Persian Gulf.

1. Is one of the most polluted cities around the world

Doha located on the coast of the gulf is one of the cities with very high toxicity levels in the world, it has one of the largest carbon footprints, and according to the research by the World Health Organization the pollution in the air has gone beyond the safe limits which is quite destructive to human health. This kind of pollution can really have adverse effects on human health, this may include; reduced lung function, lung cancer, heart diseases, among others.

2.It has the world’s greatest airline

Emirates used to be the best airline in the world, but that is not the case anymore. Qatar airlines have made sure of that. Qatar airlines have won the best airline award in the annual world airline awards for several years. So if you want to witness the greatness of this airline, you visit Doha.

3. Doha is the home of the gratest underground stadium in he world.

Qatar is set to hold the FIFA world cup in 2022 and in preparation for the world cup, one of the greatest stadium was built in Doha. This stadium nicknamed the laptop is still under construction and construction, and when it is complete, it will provide a revolutionary design that will set pace to other stadiums. The stadium will have an advantage of fresh air beneath the feet of the players, which will contribute to the overall speed of the game.

4. Doha is the home of the famous tower, Aspire Tower

This tower, which is also known as the Torch Doha, is one of the tallest building in the whole world. It is a 980 ft. skyscraper designed by the renowned architect, Hadi Simaan and engineer Ove Arup and partners. This awesome skyscraper served as the focal point during the 15th Asian games that were hosted in 2006. The town is also the home of Dubai Towers of Doha which when completed, will be even taller than the Aspire tower. This landmark in Qatar has 36 floors, and the floor area is 3500 meters squared. It has lifts and elevators that total to 17. It was an expensive building to construct and when it was completed in 2007, it had cost more than 133 million euros. It is made from steel skin and reinforced core, which makes it very durable.

5. Doha is the home of the biggest park in Qatar.

The Aspire Park, which is located in Aspire zone in the southern district of Al Waab in Doha is the biggest park in Qatar. It covers an area of 88 hectares so you can imagine how big it is. This park is an awesome place for a picnic and family outdoor tours where you can enjoy your time overlooking the famous Aspire tower. It is a fascinating place to be especially at night where there is such an amazing view. It has some beautiful features such as a playground for children and beautiful fountains among other fun features. Qatar is an arid country and the lake that is located in this park makes it even more special. There are a small hill and a coffee shop where you can get all kinds of beverages. You should be warned that when you are in the aspire park you should not ride scooters, ride bicycles, climb trees, and not even think of bringing your pets.

6. There are man-made islands that are located in Doha.

Ever heard of an artificial island? If you haven’t seen or even heard of an artificial island then you should know that there is one in Doha Qatar. The island spans almost 4 square kilometers and it is the first land in the entire country to be available for freehold ownership by foreign nationals. By 2018 the estimated residents living in this artificial island was 45 000. As you might have guessed it was very expensive to build this island. The initial cost of Pear Qatar was estimated to be around $2.5 billion and it is believed that upon completion the island will have used more than 15 billion dollars.

7. Doha film institute was established to help promote the growth of local film community.

This institute was the first international organization that was established with an aim of financing production, education and film festivals. This film institute is producing an upcoming animated adaptations of the lion king which is expected to be a big hit. This organization also do provides a forum for workshops and labs where the filmmakers are exposed to a variety of new creative approaches and skills.

8. August is the driest month in Doha.

Qatar is an arid area and so most of the places here have a hot and dry climate. Generally, Doha is hot all the year through but at least January is a little bit cooler. In February there are some expected rains making it the wettest month. For a foreigner, being in Doha in August might make one not enjoy the time there as the temperatures are very high and can be uncomfortable for foreigners.

9. Doha is practically the safest place in the world.

Qatar is the country where natural disasters such as floods are less likely to strike. Doha is the capital city of Qatar, so you can be sure it is one of the safest places to be in the world.

10. There are more men in Doha than women.

There are two men for every woman in Doha. This is because Qatar is a land that was built by immigrants, and most of the immigrants were young males. Or maybe there more men than women because the men are helping build the stadiums in preparation for the 2022 FIFA world cup.

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