Things To Do in Doha, Qatar at Night

Things To Do in Doha, Qatar at Night

Over the years, Qatar has developed into a great touristic country, which attracts many

foreigners on a daily basis. Even though the country is small, you can’t take away the fact that

it has very diverse attractions which has resulted to a fast growing tourism industry. Doha,

the capital of Qatar is one of the most outstanding destinations to visit in the country. A quick

online search for Doha will reveal a lot of sunshine, beautiful private beaches and beach

clubs, but there is also a lot to be said after experiencing Doha in the night. Here are a few

fun things you can do in Doha at night in a bid to break the boring cycle of work, bed and

repeated day time fun activities.

Family friendly entertainment at the Doha Exhibition Center (DECC)

One of the best family oriented entertainment spots in Doha is the Doha Exhibition &

Convention Center. Summer nights are particularly fun and interesting since this Center

often hosts ‘The Summer Entertainment City’, which is one of the biggest entertainment

events in the entire Qatar. This event is ideal for families since it offers about 75 activities

and attractions that can be enjoyed by everyone, including toddlers, teenagers, and adults.

You do not need to worry about heat because all the activities are confined within the air

conditioning comfort of the magnificent DECC. 

Enjoy a moonlight cruise

Even though it’s possible to cruise in the gulf waters at any time, night cruises are

particularly romantic and interesting. Imagine viewing how the moon reflects off the

shimmering water alongside the glittering skyline of Doha! Well, if you are in Doha with

your partner, you should by all means try out this moonlight cruise and you can be rest

assured that you will make beautiful memories that will be forever engraved in your hearts.

Besides, it’s also an opportunity to take beautiful pictures with an exotic background.

Enjoy a late night movie in a luxury cinema

If you are a movie fan, then you should also consider experiencing a luxury cinema in Doha.

The Flick Cinema is one of the most luxurious cinemas in Doha where you can comfortably

enjoy big blockbusters. Late night shows are particularly interesting as you can make the

most of the comfy full, recline seats, and blankets. Besides, you will also have access to

waiters, who are ever eager and ready to serve you to your satisfaction. Of course, night

movies are best enjoyed in the company of your lover or favorite buddies.

Enjoy a stroll at Aspire Park

Instead of doing crazy stuff and other activities that raise the heartbeat, you can opt to take a

leisurely stroll in the Aspire Park after dark. The Aspire Park is not only beautiful, but it’s

actually the largest in Doha, which is spread over 88 hectares. It has expansive lawns,

coupled with a massive lake with resident ducks that can keep you company if you decide to

go for a walk at night. Besides, this park equally has other facilities like cafes for drinks,

playgrounds for kids as well as boats to rent.

It is apparent that aside from the items listed above, there are many other things you can do

in Doha at night. Some of such activities include enjoying full moon yoga, shopping at night,

seeing the dunes at night, clubbing, etc. You can be rest assured that there is never a dull

night in Doha, Qatar.