5 food you must try in Doha-Qatar

Being situated in the Middle East, Doha Qatar is influenced by Arabic and

bedouin culture. Even when it comes to their cuisine. And yes, the last few

years this is what you hear all the time, but Doha is one of the best places if

you are a foodie. Here are 5 different types of food you should try when

visiting Doha Qatar. All of them to be tasted in one of the many restaurants

in the city.



Falafel may well be the best known of Doha foods as nowadays you can

find it worldwide as a vegetarian option. Basically falafel is a deep fried ball

consisting of peas and beans. In Qatar they eat this traditional Middle

Eastern dish with a dip and pita bread. Sometimes they even serve it

wrapped in flatbread as well. Even more, falafel is mostly referring to a

wrapped sandwich filled with the deep fried balls.


Thareed is a typical middle eastern dish that can be compared to a pot of

stew. It is also often referred to as a lasagna dish, but prepared in a Qatari

way. Thareed consists of a mix of vegetables and chicken or lamb. Often

they use potatoes, beans and carrots to prepare it. On the bottom of the

dish, there is bread that is soaked by the stew and makes it full of flavour.



Machboos is considered the national dish of Doha and comes in many ways.

This plate is a spiced rice dish that comes with vegetables and seafood or

any type of marinated meat such as chicken, beef, lamb or camel. There are

plenty of spices in the rice, but it often comes with an extra spicy salsa dip

as well. In some restaurants, they top the dish off by sprinkling lemon juice

on top of it.


Harees is a healty dish that is very popular during the Ramadan and other

festive occasions. Consistency-wise it is similar to porridge as it made of

boiled wheat, meat and butter. Because it is mixed with meat, it also have

some similarities with dumplings. This Doha dish is often served in

restaurants and is garnished with spices such as cinnamon and cardamom.


Balaleet is most often served as a breakfast in the morning. This Doha dish

is a sweet and savoury dish that has vermicelli as a basic ingredient. The

fried vermicelli is sweetened with sugar, rose water,saffron and cardamom.

It is served with an omelette on top of it, overlaying the dish. Sometimes

they even add nuts to it or it comes with sauteed onions or potatoes.

Balaleet is a highly popular choice as a first meal of the day during Islamic